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The rise of the connected patient

Jamie Clifton, head of innovation and research at BridgeHead Software, looks at the rise of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and how hospitals can look to manage the data generated by the ‘connected patient.’ The last two decades have resulted in many healthcare advancements that have not only increased medical care standards, but also improved overall…


Why legacy applications are a healthcare cybersecurity nightmare

Gareth Griffiths, chief technology officer, at BridgeHead Software, explores the role that software repositories can play in supporting the security of the data residing in legacy applications.  In recent years, cyberattacks on healthcare organisations across the world, such as from the WannaCry ransomware attack, highlighted how vulnerabilities in technology can quickly impact patient safety. The…


What is the NIS Directive and how does it impact the NHS?

Dr Saif Abed, chief medical officer healthcare cyber-warfare expert at BridgeHead Software looks at the impact the NIS Directive has on the NHS. GDPR is probably one of the most well-known pieces of regulation to be introduced over the last decade. However, all the attention and media coverage of GDPR actually meant that an equally important, and arguably…


NHS Trust extends use of clinical archive technology

An NHS Foundation Trust is extending its use of BridgeHead Software’s Independent Clinical Archive (ICA), HealthStore, with the aim to consolidate, store, protect and share all of its clinical images, including cardiology studies and medical photography. Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust has been using HealthStore for the last six years as a central repository for all…


Southampton FC selects data and storage firm to handle medical images

Southampton Football Club has selected data and storage management company BridgeHead to assist the long-term consolidation, protection and secure sharing of its players’ medical images. The aim is to support the club’s clinicians in assessing injuries, collaborating on player rehabilitation and developing education and injury prevention strategies. The company’s Independent Clinical Archive (ICA), HealthStore, will…

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