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How an e-CBT service can provide support before psychotherapy

Ian Bolland spoke to Farina Schurzfeld co-founder and CMO of Selfapy, a German start-up which offers online cognitive behaviour therapy. They discuss the service and the availability of mental health services. The aim of Selfapy is to provide those suffering from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders some psychological support before…


Digital platform launches low intensity ie-CBT treatment

Ieso Digital Health has launched a low intensity internet-enabled cognitive behavioural therapy (ie-CBT) using a network of Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs). The treatment will address Step 2 conditions defined as mild to moderate depression and generalised anxiety disorder, sleep and panic. This will be delivered over Ieso’s ThinkWell platform which enables patient appointments to be…


Internet CBT firm publishes new psychotherapy research

Internet-enabled cognitive behavioural therapy firm Ieso Digital Health has announced the publication of new research which applied deep learning to large-scale clinical data to understand what aspects of psychotherapy content are associated with clinical outcomes. The paper ‘Quantifying the association between psychotherapy content and clinical outcomes using deep learning’, is published in peer-reviewed journal JAMA…


Health consultant launches app for employees’ mental health

Health consultant Punter Southall Health and Protection has launched ‘Havensrock Thrive’, a new wellbeing app designed to help employees manage their mental health. Havensrock Thrive is available to employers who want to offer their employees a practical and discrete app to monitor their mental health daily, and is NHS approved. Using Havensrock Thrive employees can monitor…

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