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New platform aims to secure connected health

A new solution has been developed to give healthcare professionals access to secure, authenticated IoT devices. The KeyScaler Platform has been developed by critical information systems provider Thales and identity and access management (IAM) specialist, Device Authority. The platform provides high-assurance device authentication at IoT scale and managed end-to-end encryption to authentically secure connected devices…


Enabling healthcare innovation through interconnection

Digital transformation is impacting every organisation in the world, from banks to bakeries, and the healthcare sector is no exception. Healthcare is an incredibly data-intensive industry. According to IBM, medical data doubles every three years. By 2020, it will be doing so every 73 days. The $7 trillion healthcare industry in its current state is…


Study examines the benefits of connected health devices

A new study is being conducted exploring how healthcare professionals are using connected health devices. The UPDOCS study makes use of a number of different study centres brought together by think-tank Le Lab-e-Santé. The study aims to assess the general use of connected devices made available to patients by staff within healthcare facilities. UPDOCS will…

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