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What Should the NHS Do After the Data Breach?

Caroline Black writes about the recent data breach in the NHS, globalisation and what the health service needs to do to prevent larger cyberattacks. The rapid rise of digital technologies means we live in an interesting and transitional time for the world of medicine. For example, we are increasingly relying upon computers to store records and…


Guarding healthcare institutions from cyber crime

John Madelin, CEO at RelianceACSN discusses the rising threat of cyberattacks against healthcare institutions and the security solutions needed to fight the problem. It’s rare that a week goes by now without some form of cyber-attack, the emergence of a new type of ransomware or a new tool in hackers’ arsenals. We’ve become so used…


Stopping the spread of the ransomware epidemic

Tony Rowan, chief security consultant, SentinelOne, discusses the dangers that the NHS is facing from ransomware attacks. Ransomware continues to target the public sector, with NHS trusts being added to the long list of victims. A recent Freedom of Information study carried out by SentinelOne revealed that 30% of NHS Trusts have suffered a ransomware…

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