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AI: is it fake news for health and social care?

By Ian Jackson, medical director and clinical safety officer at Refero The Department of Health and Social care has refreshed its code of conduct for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) within the NHS. Standards and regulations are good, but I’m one of the growing number of healthcare technologists concerned by the frequency and misuse…


The NHS, big data and a bright future  

Phil Groom, commercial director of Bond Digital Health, discusses the potentials of big data in the NHS. The UK Government has set out to make England’s National Health Service the “most cutting-edge system in the world” by supporting innovative digital technology-based solutions to help solve its most difficult problems. For a system that in part still…


New cloud-based integration healthcare platform launched

A cloud-based data and API integration platform SPINR has been launched. SPINR is a new venture and was formed out of cloud and digital transformation specialists Shaping Cloud, and aims to be a catalyst for small companies servicing healthcare working with data. The platform allows data to be brought together from any number of sources, so…


The benefits that data brings to healthcare, despite fears

Sloan Gaon, CEO of health technology firm PulsePoint explains how data can be utilised to transfer knowledge from a human scale to a digital scale, allowing us to understand digital and real world behaviour ultimately to help people make better decisions, find better care, and be more satisfied with their healthcare interactions. Fear of shame….

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