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 ‘MedTalk’ podcast launches for medtech, digital health and pharma community

Digital Health Age, alongside sister titles Medical Plastics News, European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Med-Tech Innovation, has launched a new podcast which discusses the latest innovations across the healthcare sectors. In the first episode of the MedTalk Podcast, the editors of four of the medical sector’s leading publications discuss a range of topics including inhalable chocolate, how Formula…


Digital Health Age: Weekly news roundup

Digital Health Age takes a look at some of the biggest stories that have emerged over the course of the week.   WannaCry continued Following on from the WannaCry attack that affected NHS hospitals across England and Scotland, DHA reached out to a number of digital health companies to see what they had to say…


Wolverhampton patients to benefit from data project success 

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust partners with healthcare data specialist Stalis to bring patient data 
safely and securely into one consolidated system The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT) has completed a successful data migration and archive project to centralise patient demographic and scheduling information, helping to deliver more coordinated and efficient patient care. Aided by…

Connected Hispital Award

Announcing the Connected Hospital 2016 Award

Digital Health Age is proud to announce the inaugural Connected Hospital 2016 award The sector-leading champion of cutting edge technologies in healthcare settings, Digital Health Age is now looking for nominations for the most ‘connected’ hospital in the UK. To define ‘connected’, we’re looking for pitches which demonstrate a sustained and significant investment in technologies…

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