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Platform developed to help women identify optimal fertile days

Healthcare company Concepta has launched a new self-test platform to allow women to identify their optimal fertile days, therefore improving their chances of naturally getting pregnant. myLotus has been developed to allow women to monitor their fertile phase as part of their menstrual cycle. The test quantitively measures personalised hormone levels and the ‘rate-of-change’ of…


Fitbit’s period-tracking feature draws criticism

Women are frustrated with Fitbit’s period-tracking feature reporting that the service only allows them to track periods of up to 10 days. A community forum on Fitbit’s website shows that many women are frustrated with the limitations set by the period-tracking feature. Fitbit introduced female health tracking earlier this year to help women learn more…


Why it’s time for healthcare to look beyond Typhoid Mary

Being female has never been more topical. #MeToo and the campaigns that are quite rightly bringing the prevalence of sexual harassment to the wider world, have become common subjects in the media and workplaces across the globe. In the year that marks 100 years since the women’s vote, it’s long overdue that we start thinking…

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