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Giving instant messaging a clean bill of health

Shallu Behar-Sheehan, chief marketing officer at StarLeaf, discusses the dangers of using insecure messaging in healthcare. Social media is the modern medicine for wagging tongues and communal chat. It is the panacea for a digitally hungry generation and a platform for participation that globally pulses every second with voice and video calls, image sharing, and…


Fit for purpose: Introducing data mapping for a healthier NHS

Gemma Platt, managing executive for Vigilant Software, explores the challenges of data sharing in the NHS and how data mapping could provide much needed clarity and better GDPR compliance There is an overwhelming amount of data collected and stored in the NHS. On one hand, it can be an incredibly useful indicator about the effectiveness…


Spanish hospital group goes paperless with new solution

A Spanish hospital group has incorporated a digital solution which could see it go ‘paperless’. Parque Hospitales has worked with Getronics, integrating the SAAFE billing platform with the Dynamic Patient Guidance System of Nemo Q and the Hospital Information System (HIS), which is set up to prevent patients from having to carry out administrative procedures….


GDPR data requests to hit NHS the hardest

The NHS is expected to face increased financial pressure due to recently implemented General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), new research shows. Research from data firm Exonar shows that requests for personal data to public organisations are set to cost £30 million every year. The impact of GDPR is making public organisations complete data requests free…

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