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Glucose monitoring market could have new player – analyst says

UK-based medtech company Nemaura Medical is best placed to disrupt the global diabetic and pre-diabetic markets, according to GlobalData, after receiving European approval for its non-invasive continuous glucose monitor SugarBEAT. Nemaura Medical is set to launch SugarBEAT in the UK and German markets in Q3 2019. The company is on track to submit the US…


GlobalData highlights healthcare apps market as one to watch

Business data and analytics firm GlobalData is suggesting that healthcare applications for smartphone devices is one to be watched closely in 2019. The company says that it is a “rapidly growing field with vastly different targets and purposes,” citing continuous improvements in both tablets and smartphones. The apps are used in areas such as clinical…


Amazon software could help reshape healthcare industry, GlobalData says

Amazon could have considerable impact in reshaping the healthcare industry by overcoming hurdles that may prevent application of big data in healthcare, according to a GlobalData analyst. The company’s latest healthcare product is machine learning-based software that can pull out and analyse patient data from electronic medical records (EMRs), called Amazon Comprehend Medical. The product…


Wearables could help electrophysiology market to expand to $2.6bn, GlobalData says

Wearable technology could expand the electrophysiology market to $2.6bn by 2028, according to analysis from GlobalData. The prediction comes shortly after Apple announced that 400,000 participants were enrolled in the Apple Heart trial, a study aimed at screening atrial fibrillation. Sheryl Tang, a medical device analyst at Global Data, said: “Wearable technology is quickly advancing…

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