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CES 2018 digital health round-up

With CES 2018 coming to a close last week Digital Health Age takes a look at some of the best health related tech products that were on offer at the show.   Nokia Sleep Digital health products have long been focused at helping users improve their sleep and wellbeing. Most however are wearable bands that…


How health tech platforms are transforming healthcare

Martin Blinder, founder and CEO of Tictrac, discusses why health tech platforms like Tictrac are needed and how they are transforming the way we approach healthcare There’s a huge volume of health data out there being collected through wearables, smart devices and other technologies, which has the potential to give people a better understanding of…


5 reasons to rethink building your own patient engagement solution

Jackie Simon, marketing manager from digital patient management company UbiCare, lists five things hospital executives need to consider when creating a homegrown patient engagement solution. Behaviour-changing health content is a complex and scientific topic. About 60% of healthcare marketers create at least one piece of content each day. And that’s likely content that’s focused on attracting new…


PwC to drive health tech in the North West

PwC’s (PricewaterhouseCoopers) ‘Future of Health’ programme launches to help innovative health and medtech start-ups scale. The group’s start-up growth programme has announced the launch The Future of Health. Based in Salford and starting March 2017, in collaboration with UP ventures group, the 12 week programme focusses on employee wellbeing, connected healthcare and long term care….

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