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Digital consulting and AI chatbot firms announce collaboration

Digital consulting company OZ has announced its partnership with Orbita, who specialise in conversational AI and chatbot-powered virtual assistants in the healthcare sector. OZ will combine its digital innovation and development services with Orbita’s platform to create customer experience (CX) driven tools for organisations across life sciences and healthcare industries. Murray Izenwasser, VP of consulting and…


What to consider before taking on an AI project in healthcare

Mikael Huss, data scientist at Peltarion, writes about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the challenges and opportunities it presents in healthcare.  The potential of AI in healthcare is surging, and its possibilities are well beyond just assisting doctors with simple diagnoses. Deep learning can automate time-consuming tasks such as medical image interpretation, gathering…


How an API-first approach could revolutionise healthcare

Carlos Oliveira, CEO at cloud-based integration platform SPINR, explains the effect an API-first approach could have on healthcare.  As the healthcare sector moves away from paper-based processes and embraces collaborative approaches between different departments and organisations, controlling and protecting data has become one of its greatest challenges. It can be difficult to manage – and yet…


New acceleration programme for start-ups officially launches

Three health start-ups have been selected to join a new acceleration programme launched by pharma company Novartis and 02’s innovation arm, Wayra UK. The Health Hub is an intensive nine-month acceleration programme where start-ups gain access to the companies’ expertise and extensive networks to help bring their solutions to market. The programme looks at how…

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