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Alder Hey teams up with Microsoft to use HoloLens in surgery

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital has teamed up with Microsoft in a partnership which will see the hospital using mixed-reality headsets to improve surgical outcomes. Alder Hey will use technology from Microsoft to help doctors collaborate and improve the way surgeons operate. Using Microsoft’s large screen Surface Hubs, doctors will be able to share patient charts,…


Revinax introduces mixed reality into the OR

Virtual surgery training company Revinax has helped assist a surgical procedure by implementing mixed reality technology. A team of surgeons performing a spinal osteosynthesis procedure used MicroSoft’s HoleLens glasses to get extra information throughout the surgery. The team was led by Dr Lonjon, a neurosurgeon from the Montpellier University Hospital in France. When he raised…


Holographic doctors could be the future of healthcare

Doctors may soon be giving patients healthcare advice in holographic form thanks to new technology developed by Australian health provider, Silver Chain Group. The new technology was unveiled on-stage at Microsoft’s Envision conference in Florida by Silver Chain Group’s CEO, Dr Christopher McGowan. The company has developed the new software, called Silver Chain Enhanced Medical…


Cambridge Consultants develops ‘X-ray vision’ surgery system

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Product design and  development company Cambridge Consultants is exploring how augmented reality (AR) could potentially be used in surgery to lead to better results for patients. By using Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, Cambridge Consultants has developed an AR surgical system that allows surgeons to see inside a patient in real-time, while operating through minimally…

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