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Digitising continuing healthcare from hospital to home

Digitising paper and automating the workflow around the Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Assessment process promises to help reduce Delayed Transfers of Care (DTOC); improve the quality and reliability of patient service; and, drive-up productivity. An efficient, transparent and reliable approach to assessments will be fundamental to NHS England saving a forecasted £850 million from CHC spend…


Digital Health Age: Weekly news roundup

Digital Health Age takes a look at some of the biggest stories covered this week.   Swing when you’re winning! A group of teens from Scotland have won an award sponsored by Andy Murray for an app idea that encourages young people and their families to lead healthier. Teens from Erskine’s Park Mains High School…


New digital solution could save NHS millions every year

Digital services provider, IEG4, has launched a digital solutions tool to help deliver efficiencies for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), improve patient care and also improve Delayed Transfer of Care (DToC). The Continuing Healthcare Checklist and the Decision Support Toolkit (CHC2DST) has been developed in collaboration with five Cheshire CCGs as well as Harrogate and District…

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