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Why a smart hospital needs to look after its network

Morten Illum, VP EMEA HPE Aruba, writes about how healthcare organisations can anticipate and overcome IoT risks, and the role of machine learning and behavioural analytics.  The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to transform all areas of the economy. But few stand to benefit more in a connected world than healthcare. Consider how…


The data challenge facing the NHS

Mark Frankish, data scientist, SAS UK, writes about the challenges the NHS must overcome before reaping the benefits of new technologies. New technologies promise to achieve what no politician has yet managed in the 70-year history of the UK’s National Health Service: improving patient care while simultaneously saving money. In the Government’s ten-year-plan announcement, far-reaching…


How this startup is using machine learning in physical rehabilitation

Creative Content Creator Evelina Kaganovitch, who often works with startups to share their stories, profiles how Racoon Recovery is using machine learning in physical rehabilitation.  The effects of Machine Learning (ML) across the Digital Health Industry is undeniable. Smart Technologies are taking over the digital health space and many companies and startups are using to…

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