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Let’s get digital: how can NHSX succeed?

As NHSX launches, Antonio Marino, an account manager at health policy and communications consultancy Incisive Health, examines what needs to happen for the service to be a success.  Today, NHSX, the health service’s shiny new technological innovation unit, goes live. In preparation, Matthew Gould – headhunted to lead it and already a close ally of Matt Hancock…


Pagers: Is banning more NHS tech really the right thing to do?

Joost Bruggeman, a former doctor and surgeon and co-founder of Siilo, discusses why an outright ban of pagers is problematic for the NHS – discussing aspects such as funding and a plan of action.  However good it looks spread across the centre-fold of the Sunday Telegraph, banning more stalwart NHS technology – without a plan, general guidance or…


NHS and digital economy to work under new joint unit

A new joint unit, NHSX, is to be created with the aim of bringing the benefits of modern technology to every patient and clinician, the Department for Health and Social Care has announced. The organisation will use experts in technology, digital, data and cyber security to deliver on the Health Secretary’s tech vision and the Long Term Plan…

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