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GlobalData highlights healthcare apps market as one to watch

Business data and analytics firm GlobalData is suggesting that healthcare applications for smartphone devices is one to be watched closely in 2019. The company says that it is a “rapidly growing field with vastly different targets and purposes,” citing continuous improvements in both tablets and smartphones. The apps are used in areas such as clinical…


Unique medtech start-up seeks investment

Medical stitching has not changed since the times of Ancient Egypt. The manual process is slow and puts millions of healthcare practitioners around the world at risk of HIV, Hepatitis B and C through accidental puncturing of the skin. Sutrue has invented an automated device that will bring suturing into the 21st century. It encloses…


Covestro develops drug delivery concept to connect patients, medical providers and professionals

Polycarbonate supplier Covestro has introduced a new drug delivery conceptual device aimed to ensure medicines are delivered on time, accurately, and can connect medical providers and pharmacies with patients and caregivers. George Paleos, head of Global Healthcare, Covestro, said: “We are excited to apply our research and application development expertise to push boundaries and imagine…


Plan launched to protect healthcare against cybersecurity incidents

The Medical Device and Health IT Joint Security Plan (JSP) has been unveiled to address challenges the healthcare industry faces when securing and protecting itself against cybersecurity incidents, both intentional and unintentional. The plan was unveiled by a medical technology and health IT task force of medical device manufacturers, trade associations, FDA representatives and other…

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