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How digital health can improve mental health in the workplace

Co-founder of digital support platform Tomo, Gus Booth-Clibborn discusses how technology is impacting mental health in the workplace and how digital tools can help improve employee mental health. The average person spends 90,000 hours, 26% of their waking lifetime, at work. In many offices, mental health and wellbeing is something to do outside of work…


Digital mental health platform wins innovation award

A digital platform, designed to help people with mental and behavioural health issues has been awarded for its technology and customer impact. SilverCloud Health, which is available via NHS referral, is an online platform where users are given personalised programmes that treat mental and behavioural conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and OCD. The…


Digital Health Age: Weekly news roundup

Digital Health Age takes a look at some of the biggest stories of the week.   Good news for us! A new report has shown that the global digital health market is on the rise and it isn’t looking to stop anytime soon. Research from innovation consultancy Enspektos shows positive growth for the industry across…

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