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New app shows promising signs for mental health patients

Researchers at the University of Manchester have developed a smartphone app designed to help people with early psychosis. The Actissist app targets a number of areas that people with early psychosis often have trouble with, including perceived criticism from others; getting out and about; cannabis use; and distress caused by symptoms such as paranoia and…


Digital Health Age: Weekly news roundup

Digital Health Age takes a look at some of the biggest stories covered this week within the industry.   The FDA targets digital health once again The FDA has released its ambitions for the year ahead and is once again targeting digital health as a priority. The organisation’s Strategic Policy Roadmap outlines what steps the…


New company to combine care pathways for mental health

A newly launched digital health company is wanting to make mental health more easily accessible and effective by blending care pathways. Oh My Mood UK develops care pathways that combine digital solutions with face-to-face therapies. The company believes this approach improves the quality of care and makes mental health therapy scalable and more efficient. This…

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