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University launches online nutritional psychiatry course

Australia’s Deakin University has launched a free course in nutritional psychiatry on social learning platform FutureLearn.com. The course; ‘Food and Mood: Improving Mental Health Through Diet and Nutrition’, offers an approach to mental wellbeing, through a good diet. It has been developed by the University’s Food & Mood Centre, and is led by the head…


XenZone and University of Manchester unveil research findings on digital mental health support

Digital health specialist XenZone and the University of Manchester have launched a research report, defining the specific ways children and young people are benefitting from digitally-delivered mental health support. Researchers found young people experience beneficial outcomes resulting from the physical absence of a therapist as well as from being able to explore themselves in a safe,…


Partnership sees over 300,000 receive mental health treatment

More than 300,000 people suffering with mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression have now been treated through digital therapy programmes developed as a result of a partnership between Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and SilverCloud Health. The collaboration between SilverCloud and the mental health and community trust is at the heart of the development…


Saying farewell to social media could help your mental health

Dr Mark Winwood, director of psychological services for AXA PPP healthcare, explains how and why taking a break from social media can benefit our mental health.   Social media is everywhere. If we’re not updating our connections about where we’ve been or what we’re seeing, we’re no doubt uploading a photo of the delicious meal we’re…

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