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Health consultant launches app for employees’ mental health

Health consultant Punter Southall Health and Protection has launched ‘Havensrock Thrive’, a new wellbeing app designed to help employees manage their mental health. Havensrock Thrive is available to employers who want to offer their employees a practical and discrete app to monitor their mental health daily, and is NHS approved. Using Havensrock Thrive employees can monitor…


We must embrace technology to protect the health of our NHS staff

By Dr Anas Nader, medical doctor and founder of Patchwork Health We must urgently modernise our approach to the health of NHS staff. The national conversation around mental health and work-life balance has progressed rapidly over recent years. Taken increasingly seriously by policy makers and employers, we are embracing a new era that promotes personal…


Beyond tracking: How wearable tech can improve our mental health

Jean Whitehead, writer at Digiswitch.org explains the role that wearable technologies can have in improving mental health.  Until recently, wearable tech has been regarded as one of the best ways to improve physical health. But the use case of this emerging technology goes beyond fitness. In recent years, a number of companies have developed wearable tech…

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