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How health tech platforms are transforming healthcare

Martin Blinder, founder and CEO of Tictrac, discusses why health tech platforms like Tictrac are needed and how they are transforming the way we approach healthcare There’s a huge volume of health data out there being collected through wearables, smart devices and other technologies, which has the potential to give people a better understanding of…


Hospital collaboration uses wearables to monitor drunk patients

A hospital collaboration in Taiwan has started using wearables to help prevent violence against staff and monitor patients’ conditions in the emergency room. Researchers at Taipei Medical University (TMU) and E-da Hospital used wearable devices on drunk patients to monitor their heartbeat. By using wearables, healthcare staff could make sure patients were not in critical…


IMS Maxims launches vital signs monitoring app

Clinical technology specialist IMS Maxims launched its integrated vital signs app at eHealth Week to help improve patient outcomes. The app has been designed to help healthcare staff respond to a patient’s condition from anywhere in the hospital before the patient’s condition becomes life threatening. IMS Maxims state the app is fully interoperable and can…

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