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Mental health support organisation integrates with software firm

Big White Wall, the online mental health support organisation, now offers integration and reporting of therapy data online using patient data management software IAPTus. Big White Wall and IAPTus are working together in two ways; as a standalone platform for commissioning BWW as a single-point-of-access-service, submitting KPI data directly to NHS Digital or by allowing real time data to flow more freely between IAPT services and…


Balancing the human and technical in the healthcare industry

Sean Price, EMEA solutions director, public sector and healthcare, Qlik discusses the importance of the human factor when it comes to optimising healthcare systems. Picture this – it’s a busy Christmas in 2009 and at a local hospital, pressure is building on staff with the volume of patients and ambulances stacking up. Fast forward 10…


NHS accelerates digital care roll-out with hybrid cloud solution

NHS Digital has made VMWare Cloud on AWS available across the NHS in a bid to help accelerate digitally-enabled care. Part of its multi-cloud, cloud-first approach, NHS Digital is now migrating VMware vSphere workloads to the cloud as it tries to drive down costs and improve operational efficiencies. NHS Digital maintains and develops the mission-critical…


Network gives patients online access to medical information

A network that connects every NHS acute hospital in England is giving online access to information from their x-rays through to ultrasound, CT and MRI scans, and more. The Image Exchange Portal, or IEP, is relied on to share some 35-40 million images each week between NHS professionals in different trusts. Now, IEP with Anyone,…

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