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NHS launches service to predict demand over winter

The NHS will use a sickness surveillance system to help react to increasing demands on services over winter. Using data gathered by Public Health England, the NHS will track illnesses such as norovirus, flu and respiratory syncytial virus to gain an indication about rising outbreaks of acute seasonal illnesses. By using the system, the NHS…


Find out how much you cost the NHS

If you’ve ever wondered how much you cost the NHS each year, this handy new tool lets you calculate just how much your ill health is costing the UK’s health system every year. Created by insurance comparison site GoCompare, the Bill of Health lets you calculate how much you’ve contributed to the NHS’ expenditure for…


NHS launches new way to share child health information

A new way to share important information about a child’s health has been launched today and will support the prevention of childhood illness, improve health and wellbeing and involve parents more closely in their children’s care and development. The information standards will make it possible for children to receive appropriate care by setting out what information on screening tests, immunisations and developmental milestones should be accessible to health and social care professionals, and parents/guardians for…

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