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5 digital health advancements for hearing loss

With World Hearing Day 2018 on 3 March, Digital Health Age takes a look at some of the best digital solutions that people with hearing loss can use to potentially improve their lives. Hearing loss is estimated to affect 360 million people across the world and is only anticipated to rise. That being said, digital…


Smart hearing aid gets bluetooth microphone and headset

With the introduction of ConnectClip the Oticon Opn hearing aid now connects to all modern smartphones Oticon has introduced the ConnectClip, an all-in-one wireless Bluetooth microphone and headset for its latest hearing aid. Oticon Opn users can now enjoy connectivity to all modern smartphones as well as convenient hands-free communication on the go, coupled with…


8 ways smart devices can help with hearing loss

An emerging world of connected devices is set to change the way we live, bringing added convenience and importantly to life-changing benefits to people’s lives. Oticon had this in mind when it launched Oticon Opn, an internet connected hearing aid. Alongside IFTTT (If This Then That) Opn showcases the potential for smart devices to improve…

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