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Hospital Trust to have pagers replaced by over 300 smartphones

Mobile and ICT healthcare company Ascom UK has won a contract to supply more than 300 of its smartphones to replace pagers at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust. Emergency medicine consultant Dr Matt Shepherd said: “The Ascom technology will help clinicians communicate within and across clinical teams in a more effective way. It means…


Scottish NHS staff swap pagers for new mobile technology

Thousands of staff cross 19 hospital sites in North East Scotland have been able to ditch old-fashioned pagers for all but emergency communication after receiving mobile handsets and messaging software. The i62 voice over wifi (VoWiFi) handsets and messaging software from Ascom UK enable nearly 4,000 clinical and non-clinical staff within NHS Grampian to communicate…


Q&A: How mobile technology is succeeding pagers in care homes

Following the announcement from health secretary Matt Hancock that pagers are to be banned from the NHS by 2021, Ian Bolland caught up with Jonathan Papworth, co-founder and director of Person Centred Software, which provides mobile communication solutions in a care home environment. They discuss the challenges when using technology in hospital and care home…


Pagers: Is banning more NHS tech really the right thing to do?

Joost Bruggeman, a former doctor and surgeon and co-founder of Siilo, discusses why an outright ban of pagers is problematic for the NHS – discussing aspects such as funding and a plan of action.  However good it looks spread across the centre-fold of the Sunday Telegraph, banning more stalwart NHS technology – without a plan, general guidance or…


To fax, or not to fax? The technology row enveloping the NHS

In the debate surrounding the NHS’s outmoded telecommunication methods, it seems that the majority of individuals support giving the boot to the service’s fax machines – all 8,209 of them – than preserving them for posterity’s sake. Speaking to the National Health Executive, Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert denounced ‘paper-based systems’ as ‘unwieldy and difficult…

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