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How to streamline technology and future-proof the NHS

Improving waiting times and customer care in high-pressure situations such as A&E has been a huge focus for the NHS in recent times. But what about those individuals who attend hospital on a more regular basis? Patients with long-term health conditions, the elderly, and care home residents can be in hospital on a monthly, weekly…


Digital Hospital of the Month: Royal Liverpool Hospital

In this new series, Digital Health Age will pick a hospital every month to highlight the advancements and implementations of digital technology within healthcare institutions. This month’s pick goes towards an institution that has recognised the need for a paperless environment in healthcare. The Royal Liverpool underwent a digitisation project to help facilitate its medical…


The benefits of a digital NHS

With the NHS set to go paperless by 2020, the digital overhaul is already well underway. Although this enormous task is one fraught with potential set-backs and challenges, it is imperative to the survival of the service. Here, Lee Copestake, technical director at BookWise Solutions, explains why going digital is so important. Health bosses are…


Yeovil Hospital set to be one of UK’s most digital trusts

Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has gone live with InterSystems TrakCare healthcare information system. In a major step towards becoming paperless, Yeovil Hospital has become the first of three NHS trusts, in a regional collaboration known as SmartCare, to deploy TrakCare, with Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust set…

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