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WannaCry saviour arrested by FBI

The British cyber-security expert who helped stop the WannaCry attack earlier this year has been arrested by the FBI. Marcus Hutchins, 23, was attending the Black Cat and Def Con cyber-security conferences in Las Vegas this week but was arrested on Wednesday. Hutchins has been alleged to have of created the Kronos malware which is…


Report shows the state of security within healthcare industry

A new report by trusted access provider Duo Security has analysed the security state of over four million devices across various industries, including healthcare. The 2017 Duo Trusted Access Report shows that the healthcare industry is particularly outdated when it comes to using up-to-date security features to protect endpoints. Healthcare was the second worst industry…


Digital health industry responds to ransomware attack

All around the world organisations have been affected by the WannaCry ransomware attack. The attackers have so far been effective due to the ransomware’s ability to compromise a single machine on a network and then spread to other systems within that network. In the UK the BBC reported that 61 NHS organisations have been affected,…

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