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EzLab is a device to enable anyone, anywhere, to identify micro-organisms.

Spotting viruses with smartphones

A new technology turns the smartphone into a connected, mobile lab for the real-time identification of bacteria and viruses. The traditional approach to pathogen identification relies on highly trained scientists using large pieces of expensive laboratory-bound equipment and often entails days of waiting. The EzLab uses a smartphone’s built-in camera with a hand-held microscope to…

Global Survey Digital Health

Healthcare organisations are lagging behind in digital health

A global survey shows most healthcare organisations have yet to implement or successfully launch a digital health strategy Validic, a digital health platform, revealed today the results from the, Global Progress on Digital Health, survey which looked at healthcare organisations. Digital health is information technology, inclusive of both hardware and software solutions, which enables the…

Skype hype: Is the digital doctor a reality

Skype hype: Is the digital doctor a reality?

Are you a doctor? Are you a digital health doctor? Lu Rahman sorts the analogue from the digital and asks is the NHS really ready for a technological transformation? Of course on Digital Health Age we’re big fans of the digital health revolution. We’re all for disruption (you should see the chaos that ensues when…

internet of things

Internet of Things devices market set to increase by 285%

Juniper Research has released findings predicting that the number of Internet of Things connected devices will jump to 38.5 billion in 2020 – an increase of 285% Juniper Research defines the Internet of Things as: “The combination of devices and software systems, connected via the internet, that produce, receive and analyse data.“ The industrial and…

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