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How playtime can help surgeons save lives

Web content editor Ian Bolland spoke to Eric Gantwerker, vice president and medical director at LevelEx, about how its videogame training can help surgeons develop their skills in certain difficult situations.  It was an idea that started out as a way for the father of Sam Glassenberg, CEO of LevelEx, to train to his fellows….


Teesside University forms part of pain relief VR project

A team at Teesside University is part of an international project which uses virtual reality to help people living in persistent pain. It is hoped that the use of virtual and digital technology could provide additional opportunities to help people overcome life-limiting conditions. The university is one of the partners in the €2.4 million VR4Rehab…


Video game shown to help treat depression, study says

A video game has proven beneficial in helping improve certain cognitive features that are associated with depression, according to researchers. Project Evo, a mobile game developed digital medicine producer Akili, has been designed to improve focus and attention at a neurological level. The game was applied to a study in which older adults with late-life…

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