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The changing face of health and safety

When you think of health and safety training, you might well think of outdated VHS tapes and paper print-outs, or perhaps an hour or two spent watching PowerPoint slides flicking past. In terms of content, it might be fire safety that springs to mind, or advice on slips, trips and falls. Our understanding of what…


How technology is helping to identify skin cancer

Medical equipment supplier, Medtree discuss the latest innovations coming from medical technology, including an online test to identify risks of skin cancer. Technology is revolutionising the healthcare industry. Far from the headlines of ‘robots taking over’ and the plot to I Robot – advances and developments within the tech world have been saving lives. Our…


VR contact lens video developed for the waiting room

A virtual reality contact lens video has been developed as an educational tool to be used by patients in the waiting room. Global communications agency Five by Five developed a 360-degree virtual reality (VR) video on behalf of contact lens manufacturer CooperVision. The video supports the launch of CooperVision’s new Bioinfinity Energys contact lens. The…

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