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How digital health can improve mental health in the workplace

Co-founder of digital support platform Tomo, Gus Booth-Clibborn discusses how technology is impacting mental health in the workplace and how digital tools can help improve employee mental health. The average person spends 90,000 hours, 26% of their waking lifetime, at work. In many offices, mental health and wellbeing is something to do outside of work…


Enabling healthcare innovation through interconnection

Digital transformation is impacting every organisation in the world, from banks to bakeries, and the healthcare sector is no exception. Healthcare is an incredibly data-intensive industry. According to IBM, medical data doubles every three years. By 2020, it will be doing so every 73 days. The $7 trillion healthcare industry in its current state is…


Could patients benefit from using exoskeletons?

IUVO, a spin-off company of The BioRobotics Institute in the field of wearable technologies, has received a joint investment from automation company Comau and orthopaedics company Össur. IUVO is hoping to create wearable, intelligent and active tools that improve both patients’ and workers quality of life. The spin-off was founded in 2015 by a team…


Fat burning wearable surpasses $1.5M funding

The company behind the weight management wearable headset, Modius, has successfully completed its first Indiegogo campaign. Neurovalens surpassed its target goal of $50,000 in four hours and raised $1.59 million from 4,000 backers. Modius works by using electrical stimulation on the vestibular nerve, which controls sound and balance information from the ear to the brain….

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