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This wearable wants to give ALS patients a voice

A new wearable device is hoping to improve the lives of people with Locked-In Syndrome by helping them to communicate with their loved ones. EyeControl is being labelled as the first wearable eye tracking device for patients with Locked-In Syndrome. It allows patients to communicate 24/7 via eye gestures, with audio feedback coming through a…

Rooti is exhibiting its wearables and the Rooti Care health platform at Medica. Rooti Care is an online platform which secures health data in one account

Are electronic skin patches the ultimate wearable?

The market for electronic skin patches is expected to reach over $10bn by 2023 according to a new report by analyst IDTechEx Research. The report is the most comprehensive study compiled for the emerging product and forecasts strong expectations in the market. It highlights the areas in which electronic skin patches are the most beneficial and points…

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