Tech firm launches blockchain patient controlled EMRs

A blockchain technology solutions provider has announced the launch of patient-controlled electronic medical records.

Augusta HiTech launched One Med Chart, claimed to be the first blockchain-powered patient-controlled electronic medical records (EMRs).

One Med Chart is a user-driven universal medical record and health information repository designed to give individuals the ability to monitor, improve, and keep track of their health through a wellness app.

Guillermo Vargas, One Med Chart co-founder and CEO said: “People don’t have a single location to view, manage, and share their health information. However, now, through our development of One Med Chart, health information is available at our fingertips, giving users ultimate control of who accesses their health information. With One Med Chart’s goal of minimising unnecessary health risks based on lack of medical information, having an application to request and keep track of appointments with an individual’s medical records attached mitigates such risk. Convenience is a bonus.”

One Med Chart’s wellness app offers individuals a way to add important preventive and holistic medical information as well as health information, such as health records and current medications or treatment regimens, straight to their mobile devices for immediate access by care providers, physicians, and emergency personnel.

Augusta HiTech’s Hyperledger Smart Blockchain keeps One Med Chart’s user’s medical records protected through multi-factor authentication and various levels of encryption, so only users can view their One Med Chart Health Information (OMCHI), or share their medical records and workout regimens in real-time.

The wellness app connects to smart devices and allows users to share their medical records through the application or sending it via email.

Patients can receive their medical records from their doctors through fax, email, directly from an electronic medical records system, or upload documents directly to One Med Chart.

Sean Caputo, chief strategy officer at Augusta HiTech said: “Our blockchain solution for One Med Chart is designed to give patients a more significant stake in managing their healthcare and to prevent unnecessary deaths from lack of information while providing a measurable impact on cost-effectiveness in hospital settings.

“Hospital staff can quickly log into the health record system for an individual at an emergency room to learn about their past medical history.”

Caputo says that One Med Chart’s blockchain was designed to accurately store data and eliminate the need to track down a patient’s previous medical records.

The app features:

A Snapshot – users print their Snapshot, which is a QR Code containing health information needed in case of an emergency, and they can carry the Snapshot in a wallet or purse with other cards.

Document Manager – The Document Manager accepts medical records in various formats. One Med Chart allows patients to control their records by allowing controlled access and length of time (time bombs) to view information.

My Health – which  allows a person to create regimens and workouts to track daily calories lost, daily steps taken, and medications.


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