UK’s first online physio app launches for neck pain sufferers

An online physiotherapy app has launched in the UK to offer users 24/7 access to physio anywhere they are.

Reach is being touted as the world’s first 100% online physio service. After a 10-minute assessment, users are given a personalised programme of video exercises specifically tailored to their recovery. The company’s fully qualified physiotherapists then review workout feedback and monitor progress to further personalise exercises and help users stay on track with their plan.

Users are given an option of a daily six-minute workout or a full 15-minute workout and can even choose to do both.

The app was created by co-founder James Read after he became frustrated with current available resources following a sports injury. Read had undergone physiotherapy in the past and felt confident that he could work out his injury and find exercises online. Frustrated with the lack of resources available to help speed up his recovery, which was ultimately preventing him from doing activities he loved, James set about starting Reach.

“The whole process is inconvenient and demotivating right now,” Read said. “Put off by lengthy NHS waiting times or the costly private alternative and frustrated by the infrequent in-person physio treatment, it’s simply taking many neck pain sufferers too long to get the help they need. With Reach we’re aiming to empower sufferers to own and accelerate their recovery so they can get back to their active best.”

Musculoskeletal (MSK) problems such as neck and back pain are the second most common reason for employee absenteeism in the UK. In 2016, they resulted in almost 31 million days’ lost work. MSK problems run the risk of developing into long-term conditions if left untreated and are more likely to reoccur.




Reece Armstrong is a reporter for Digital Health Age. Coming from the North East of England, Reece has an MA in Media & Journalism and a BA in Popular & Contemporary Music from Newcastle University. Reach him on Twitter or email via:

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