Valencell, a developer of wearable biometric data sensor technology has filed patent infringement lawsuits against both Apple and Fitbit for technology used

Patent infringement lawsuits filed against Apple and Fitbit

Valencell, a developer of wearable biometric data sensor technology, has filed patent infringement lawsuits against both Apple and Fitbit for technology used in their wearable fitness devices

Valencell filed the patent infringement lawsuits in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina with the company asserting that Apple’s and Fitbit’s products infringe on Valencell’s intellectual property relating to physiological monitoring.

Steven LeBoeuf, president of Valencell, said: “Since 2006, Valencell recognised that it would take a focused, multidisciplinary team to develop and validate accurate biometric sensor technology that would ultimately fuel compelling use cases in the wearables market.

“Rather than manufacture its own wearables, Valencell has repeatedly chosen to partner with existing consumer electronics companies and manufacturers while continuing to focus our R&D on creating the future in biometric wearables.”

According to The Register Valencell spoke with both Apple and FitBit about licensing its patents for their wearable devices, only to be turned away and discover later that Apple and Fitbit had allegedly copied the technologies and used them in their own products without paying.

The Apple and Fitbit products containing technology from Valencell are the Apple Watch, Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Charge HR biometric wearable devices according to Valencell.

LeBoeuf said: “As more and more wearable products powered by our award-winning PerformTek sensor technology are now available in the marketplace and the market has begun to value the importance of highly accurate biometric wearables, we’ve seen some companies choose to use our patented inventions without pursuing a patent license.

“We will defend our intellectual property to ensure our current and future licensees get the full value of licensing our inventions, as we continue to innovate around our foundational dream of seamless, personalised mobile health and fitness.”

Valencell’s patent portfolio includes 29 granted patents, with more than 60 patents pending and according to the company, is the most highly-cited patent portfolio in wearable biometrics.

Click here, for the original press release from Valencell.


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