Wearable headset launches that ‘tricks’ brain into burning fat

A wearable headset has launched on Indiegogo to help people burn body fat by using neuroscience.

The Modius Headset has been developed by Neurovalens, a neurotechnology company that claim its device can help end the obesity epidemic.

The company was founded by British doctors and neuroscientists Paul McGeoch and Jason McKeown, at the University of California San Diego. They claim that because the brain is linked to weight gain and loss, it can be stimulated to burn more fat.

Modius works by using electrical stimulation on the vestibular nerve, which controls sound and balance information from the ear to the brain. The brain then thinks that the stimulation is the body being more physically active, which activates the hypothalamus to reduce fat storage.

The developers claim that Modius can result in users burning more fat, a decrease in appetite and a change in metabolism. For those wondering if it works, Neurovalens looked at a range of studies that examined the effects stimulation on the vestibular nerve in animals. The authors of the study noted that after eight weeks, animals’ body fat was significantly lower and that there had been a metabolic shift to a leaner state.

Co-founder of Neurovalens, Paul McGeoch, said: “Weight gain and loss are controlled by your brain, which controls your appetite, your , your metabolic rate, how much fat you store, and more. Our first device to market, Modius, is designed to resolve this issue by activating the epicentre of it all – your hypothalamus. Through advanced technological and neurological research, we’ve discovered the hypothalamus has a strong effect on people’s ability to lose and maintain weight.”

Modius is intended to be used for up to 45 minutes every day alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise. If used in this way, users can expect a change in their body-fat percentage, co-founder at Neurovalens, Dr Jason McKeown states: “There have been tens of thousands of hours ​spent on ​research​ing ​cranial stimulation. Our results have been very positive and now is the time to share the product with the rest of the world. Used for just 45 minutes per day for a few months, you will lose body fat. Used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise the average user should notice a significant difference in body-fat percentage. We feel so confident in the Modius that anyone who purchases during our initial Indiegogo launch has a money-back guarantee if they do not see results.”

Neurovalens has launched Modius on Indiegogo and has currently passed its initial goal of raising $75,000. For those backing the Indiegogo campaign, Modius will be available for $250. For those waiting for a commercial release, Modius will retail for $499.

Reece Armstrong is a reporter for Digital Health Age. Coming from the North East of England, Reece has an MA in Media & Journalism and a BA in Popular & Contemporary Music from Newcastle University. Reach him on Twitter or email via: reece.armstrong@rapidnews.com

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