Wearable fitness devices have come third on the ‘top ten tech gift-list’ in the UK this Christmas. A survey of 1,580 Brits by the Gadget Show Live was

Wearables are third on the UK’s giftlists

Wearable fitness devices have come third on the ‘top ten tech giftlist’ in the UK this Christmas

A survey of 1,580 Brits was commissioned by Gadget Show Live, which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham from 31 March to 3 April 2016, in order to find out the UK’s top ten tech gifts for Christmas this year.

13% of the people in the survey said they would be buying wearables for loved ones this Christmas, making fitness devices third on the list behind smart phones (19%) and tablets (23%).

Wearables stealing a spot in the top three doesn’t surprise us at DHA as over 2015 we have seen a variety of wearables to turn heads.

The Moov Now device is an artificial intelligence powered wearable that analyses movements in real-time and gives fitness enthusiasts coaching advice. It uses a 9–axis Omni Motion sensor to capture motions in 3D with the combination Moov Now device and app analysing the movements to give users advice on how to improve each one.

Nabi Compete on the other hand is a fitness wearable aiming to make health and exercise fun for children. Launched by Fuhu this wearable offers both head-to-head exercise contests between children and collaborative tasks that help users measure ‘food burn’ to complete challenges while earning pets and other virtual rewards.

Fitbit is another company that has become popular for wearable fitness devices. This company has a range of fitness devices from the Fitbit ‘Flex’ to the Fitbit ‘Surge’ however, these little wearables that are finding their ways onto the UK’s Christmas-lists have also recently helped to monitor symptoms in cancer patients.

2016 looks set to be another big year for wearables, with new projects and big launches to follow.


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