Well Careplus for medicinal management in care homes

Digital platform “a first” for medicinal management

Well Pharmacy, previously known as the Co-operative Pharmacy, has launched Well Careplus, a medicine service for care homes

Partnering with Invatech Health, Well Careplus uses the Proactive Care System (PCS), to support the administration of medication.

PCS is a UK system using barcode technology to enhance patient safety and has an accompanying Well Pad which is designed specifically for care professionals.

The Well Pad recognises a unique barcode for each resident and an image of the resident is uploaded to the device, which then provides a notification as and when medications are due.

When notified, a carer scans the resident’s unique barcode which brings up a picture of the resident. The carer then scans the relevant medication, which also has a unique barcode.

The carer can then confirm that this is the correct resident and can add the medication to a tub for their consumption.

When all the relevant medication has been placed in the pot, the carer can digitally confirm that the pot is complete and then confirm that the medication has been taken by the resident.

The Well Pad can also digitally monitor stock levels and allows orders to be created and sent to the local Well Pharmacy.

Paula Ratcliff, deputy manager of Moorhaven care home said: “The Well Pad is very easy to use; our staff vary widely in age and they have all taken to it quickly.  The system assists staff to ensure that medication is given to the correct person at the right time.”

John Nuttall, CEO of Well, said: “Our new service, a first within the sector, Well Careplus, is designed to make care home workers’ lives easier. The accompanying Well Pad also provides an invaluable source of data for care managers, generating useful clinical and compliance reports, as well as freeing up time.”


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