Connected Conversations: Kim Guest CEO isoshealth

Connected Conversations sees DHA talking to some of the digital health industry’s brightest names. Talking to us this time is Kim Guest, CEO of isoshealth, an online video platform designed to give patients holistic treatment through a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals. By using isoshealth, consumers can choose, book and talk to their own team of healthcare professionals, wherever and whenever they need.


Tell me a bit about isoshealth?

Teamwork is fundamental in our lives and is also a winning formula for our health and wellbeing. However, in today’s healthcare it’s only available for acutely ill patients or professional athletes. Health practitioners and their customers need something different to make the changes we need to see. At isoshealth we are a team of people passionate about breaking down the barriers of cost, time and geography for health practitioners and those who need their help, precisely at a time when both sides are feeling disheartened and disempowered. isoshealth gives users the opportunity for a truly personalised approach to their health. Our platform is a place for you to choose, book and talk to your own team of a dietitian, a physiotherapist and a psychologist – what we call the “Power of 3”. Furthermore, safe and effective technology supports health practitioners to work together and reach more people than ever before.


The digital health space is filled with services for private appointments. Is the multi-disciplinary team aspect the biggest attractor of isoshealth?

It is a compelling proposition for health practitioners as well as their customers.  Working in private practice can be lonely and expensive and, apart from addressing this, at isoshealth we also take away the headache of business development in a digital world. isoshealth is in essence, Mind, body and nutrition in one place. Being able to offer customers a truly personalised approach in an easy to arrange group of sessions is a formula we are very proud of.


“These professionals are currently feeling the brunt of the budget crisis in the NHS and are having their reach limited at a time when we need them the most.”

Where did the idea of an online meeting place for healthcare practitioners come from?

We began by understanding the barriers to digital adoption across the health system, which I have seen first-hand, and hearing the growing frustration from practitioners. These professionals are currently feeling the brunt of the budget crisis in the NHS and are having their reach limited at a time when we need them the most. Furthermore, we’re increasingly seeing this need being served by celebrity and fad programmes, particularly around weight management. We realised through research that these health practitioners already have multidisciplinary experience and training and often know what is the best, most effective way to get results, they just need the digital presence to do that.


Do you think patients often miss out on important aspects of healthcare such as diet or psychological wellbeing?

I think we are all aware that these three things, mind, body and nutrition, are the key pillars for managing our health, but navigating it all is too hard, too expensive and it takes too long. And when we do get it all together, is that course of action really right for us? How do we know? During our trials, it was common for our users to realise that they needed to give their emotional habits some time and support in order to give themselves the best chance of sustainable success.


Do you think the healthcare industry has been slow to adopt digital technologies?

Our healthcare system is under huge strain seeing so many patients. 1 million patients a week can’t get to their GP. However, fast-paced change adopting technology could easily compromise patient safety, and so a measured approach is sensible. But we cannot ignore the huge factors that are limiting our lifestyles and ultimately our lives, like type 2 diabetes and obesity. Let’s use technology to empower the amazing practitioners that we do have and that have the key to unlock these health challenges, ultimately reducing the strain on the public health system. Huge numbers of consumers are using digital tools in their health management, and this is a logical next step. Great technology is most effective when it helps humans get better results.


Is there a lack of collaboration between healthcare practitioners and how does isoshealth facilitate this?

If you wanted to join these different services individually you would find it very difficult. Finding great health practitioners and facilitating them sharing their notes/comments and advice would be very expensive and time-consuming. We offer a secure, personal space on our platform to record and store the stream of communication with your “Power of 3” team and will continue to develop our platform to support the collaboration of these three disciplines.


What steps are you taking to ensure isoshealth is compliant with standards set by the CQC?

We take safety very seriously and have built a strong quality framework using the expertise of our advisory board, where every discipline as well as the consumer are represented, including those with extensive experience inside the NHS and in private practice. The health practitioners we enrol onto our platform are all registered with HCPC and have all the necessary requirements to practice, something which our enrolment process verifies. True personalisation means that we understand one size doesn’t fit all and our practitioner’s experience and expertise means they are the best person to determine the services needed. Our mission at isoshealth is to give them a safe and effective place to carry out these services.




Reece Armstrong is a reporter for Digital Health Age. Coming from the North East of England, Reece has an MA in Media & Journalism and a BA in Popular & Contemporary Music from Newcastle University. Reach him on Twitter or email via:

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