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If you wish to submit exciting and relevant news stories related to the digital health sector contact one of the team responsible for producing all of the content on Digital Health Age.

Ian Bolland – Web Content Editor

Working across the Rapid Life Sciences portfolio, Ian is interested in stories relating to the latest developments in health technologies and their uses within clinical environments. To submit articles for consideration, please get in touch with Ian.

Ian holds a BA in Journalism from Liverpool John Moores University, and an MA in Media & Politics from the University of Liverpool.

Ian can be reached at

Lu Rahman – Head of Content

Lu oversees the content for all of the publications within the Rapid Life Sciences portfolio, which includes Digital Health Age, Medical Plastics News, Med-Tech Innovation Magazine and European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer.

Lu can be reached at


Duncan Wood – Publisher

With 17 years’ experience, Duncan acts as publisher for the entire catalogue of the Rapid Life Sciences portfolio.

You can contact Duncan at



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