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How connectivity can be turned into a competitive advantage

The main connectivity objectives in the medical device world are data capture and use, device control and local information display. Underpinning these objectives is data transmission and the spectre looming ever larger is data security, as Tim Portass, technical director at Staffordshire-based app technology firm ARC Development explains. Connectivity shouldn’t be a problem, the IoT…


We must embrace technology to protect the health of our NHS staff

By Dr Anas Nader, medical doctor and founder of Patchwork Health We must urgently modernise our approach to the health of NHS staff. The national conversation around mental health and work-life balance has progressed rapidly over recent years. Taken increasingly seriously by policy makers and employers, we are embracing a new era that promotes personal…


Digital health reaches young and old – research suggests

Online appointments are helping patients from as young as three days old and as old as 104-years-old, according to data from digital health provider Push Doctor. The findings suggest young professionals are among the earliest adopters of digital health when it first became available and continue to represent a sizeable portion of patients. Push Doctor…


What to consider before taking on an AI project in healthcare

Mikael Huss, data scientist at Peltarion, writes about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the challenges and opportunities it presents in healthcare.  The potential of AI in healthcare is surging, and its possibilities are well beyond just assisting doctors with simple diagnoses. Deep learning can automate time-consuming tasks such as medical image interpretation, gathering…

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