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Enabling healthcare innovation through interconnection

Digital transformation is impacting every organisation in the world, from banks to bakeries, and the healthcare sector is no exception. Healthcare is an incredibly data-intensive industry. According to IBM, medical data doubles every three years. By 2020, it will be doing so every 73 days. The $7 trillion healthcare industry in its current state is…


Digital demands for patients in healthcare

Bethany Cornell, PR executive at Found writes about how digital transformation can benefit the future of healthcare. Modern consumers have quickly got used to the convenience and speed offered by digital technology, with new developments leading to more personalised, high quality services with real-time information any time, anywhere. Unsurprisingly, patients expect the same from their…


Great Ormond Street Trust and Aridhia partnership targets digital transformation

Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (GOSH) has partnered with cloud-based data analysis platform provider Aridhia as part of a ten-year digital transformation programme. Aridhia will function as the Trust’s digital research environment providing the research and innovation component of the transformation programme. The Trust will adopt Aridhia’s cloud based data analysis platform, AnalytiXagility,…


Mental health charity partners with software company for digital transformation project

UK mental health charity, St Andrew’s Healthcare, has partnered with the software company Advanced to help deliver a digital transformation programme over the next five years. The programme, worth over several million, is designed to reduce IT risks and drive significant efficiencies, helping St Andrew’s Healthcare deliver specialist care to patients with mental health needs….


Digital transformation in healthcare and its effects on patient and network security

Eileen Haggerty, Senior Director Enterprise Business Operations, NETSCOUT Healthcare is changing the way it does business. Organisations today, not unlike other enterprises, are more and more dependent on technology. The benefits of digital transformation (DX) have been steadily introduced and aid in delivering high quality patient care, as well as greater business efficiency. Healthcare providers…

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