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How Advanced is helping the NHS go digital

By Nick Wilson, MD of Public Sector, Health & Care at Advanced. While no health system is perfect, every nation strives to drive efficiencies, free up time for patient care and save costs. The UK is no exception and the pressure on our NHS services has become a catalyst for change – one that requires…


Event: Digital Healthcare Show

The Digital Healthcare Show is set to take place this month, showcasing all of the latest innovations coming out of the healthtech sector. Taking place within Health+Care, the UK’s largest integrated healthcare event, the Digital Healthcare Show gives visitors the opportunity to  see leading digital experts showcase the latest innovations and take away tangible solutions to…


Industry and experts respond to government’s AI plans

Yesterday (21 May), Theresa May announced government plans to utilise artificial intelligence and data to transform the way in which diseases like cancer are diagnosed. Industry leaders and experts have responded to the announcement, highlighting the potential that unused NHS imaging data can have on clinical knowledge. CEO and co-founder of healthtech company, Sophia Genetics,…


New cyber-threat to healthcare identified

Almost a year after the devastating WannaCry attack badly affected NHS organisations, a new threat to healthcare has been identified by software company Symantec. Symantec states that an attack group dubbed Orangeworm is deploying Kwampirs malware in a targeted campaign against the healthcare sector and related industries. Kwampirs is a backdoor Trojan that provides attackers…

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