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Transforming healthcare with telemedicine

Pat Finlayson, senior product manager at Polycom explains how telemedicine should be at the centre of NHS digital transformation. Earlier this year the NHS celebrated its 70th anniversary, providing a prime opportunity to honour one of the UK’s most important institutions. However, against this backdrop of celebration, 2018 also saw the health service’s challenges come…


The key digital healthcare trends to watch

Over the last decade the NHS has been at the forefront of digital transformation and as such patients are changing the way they are choosing to access the service.  Patients now have access to a library of information through the NHS Web Portal, including the availability of health records online, as well as mobile apps…


Doctors being flashed by users of telehealth apps

When people think about digital health, they imagine technologies enabling change both within and outside of healthcare institutions. What they don’t realise is that online technology will always provide opportunities for those wanting to take advantage of it. A recent article from CNBC has revealed that doctors are being given a hard time because of telehealth…


VideoDoc launches online GP consultation service in UK

Telemedicine company VideoDoc has launched its  GP video consultation platform across the UK in an attempt to help businesses reduce the levels of absent employees. The company has been operating across Ireland since 2014 and provides its telemedicine consultation service to over 50% of the country’s GP services. Research commissioned by the team at VideoDoc…


Lumeon and Digital Noema Telehealth announce telemedicine patient pathway partnership

Digital health company Lumeon and provider of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring Digital Noema Telehealth (DN Teleheatlh) have announced a partnership aiming to optimise care pathways for telemedicine reimbursements. The partnership will combine DN Telehealth’s browser-based consultation settings with Lumeon’s Care Pathway Manager. Lumeon’s platform is cloud-based and provides a single, real-time view of care…

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