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Research identifies priority investment areas for digital transformation

Siemens Financial Services (SFS) has released new research identifying the priority investment areas for digital transformation in healthcare, the size of the investment challenge, and how healthcare organisations can manage that challenge. Ageing populations, changing lifestyles and diets, rising levels of chronic complaints such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease, are rapidly increasing the pressure…


Alexa, am I losing my voice?

Cathal McGloin, CEO of ServisBOT, offers his views on the recently announced partnership between NHSx and Amazon Alexa. Opinion is divided on the NHSx partnership with Amazon, which will allow people to use Alexa to get NHS responses to common medical queries. While the Alexa announcement has gained a lot of media attention, in fact, voice…


Healthcare technology: Seven trends that may shape the future

Melissa Powell, COO of The Allure Group, discusses the new developments in healthcare technology.  Technology and healthcare have always been inextricably linked. Even more so than industry or exploration, human need has driven advancements in technology throughout the decades. That will continue to be the case this year. As the world’s elderly population steadily climbs,…

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