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Doctor data and the future of AI in healthcare

Jack Watts, head of Business Development AI EMEA, NetApp, writes about the growing influence of AI, and what’s needed for its success. In today’s digitally connected world, data is everything. This is especially true within the medical field, which arguably demonstrates the best examples of how data is changing the world for the better. Though…


Q&A: The ransomware challenges healthcare faces

After writing about the effects of ransomware on the healthcare industry as part of an ongoing series of analyses, Ian Bolland caught up with blog author Allan Liska about the challenges healthcare faces. You can read his analysis, here.  How can healthcare providers become less of an ‘easy’ target to ransomware actors?  Strong defences are…


Why no healthcare business is too small for data science

Artificial intelligence (AI) could reduce the cost of healthcare by $150 billion by 2026 in the US alone, according to the Stanford Medicine 2018 Health Trends Report. To achieve this, the industry relies on access to the AI skills of data scientists. However, recruiting one full-time is not always easy and can be costly. Here…

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