Hospital praised by NHS Providers chair for outpatient overhaul

Chase Farm hospital has been praised by the chair of NHS Providers for a project that involved overhauling the management of patients and information during outpatient appointment. Speaking following an event at the London Stadium organised by Intouch with Health, Dame Gill Morgan stated that Chase Farm “really are making the best of all the…


The security challenge posed by modern medical devices

Dr. Abdul Rahman, chief scientist at Fidelis Cybersecurity, discusses how IoT medical devices present critical security challenges within healthcare organisations. Over the past decade, the use of Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare has gone from an innovation reserved for the most advanced research centres and hospitals to being widely adopted at healthcare facilities across…


How times are changing when using technology for mental health

Ieso’s senior VP for artificial intelligence, Valentin Tablan, talks about the challenges of adopting technology in mental health and how things are changing through Ieso’s Eight Billion Minds program. Compared to physical medicine, mental health has traditionally been slow in its adoption of technology. There are multiple reasons for this, some psychological, some organisational, and…


NHS Trust and Nova cofoundery announce digital health partnership

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with startup cofoundery Nova. The partnership aims to foster the ideas of clinicians within the Trust, using the guidance and support of Nova to transform ideas into viable healthtech startups. The Trust will be participating through CW Innovation, a healthcare innovation programme led jointly by the…

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