Find Out How Much You Cost The NHS – The Cost of Your Health

If you’ve ever wondered how much you cost the NHS each year, this handy new tool lets you calculate just how much your ill health is costing the UK’s health system every year.

Created by insurance comparison site GoCompare, the Bill of Health lets you calculate how much you’ve contributed to the NHS’ expenditure for 2017.

By using estimated costs from a variety of sources such as government publications and research charities, the tool provides insight into what costs the NHS the most amount of money every year.


For instance, whilst a chest x-ray will only set the NHS back £25, an MRI scan will cost £130. And whereas a pair of crutches cost the NHS under £10, the cost of treating a broken arm is £500 and a leg is £1100.

With every missed outpatient appointment costing the NHS £108 and with the organization facing heavy financial pressure, hopefully, people will realize just how much unnecessary and missed appointments are costing the organization.

Use the tool to find out how much you’re costing the NHS.