Appy with your weight: MyFitnessPal Vs. MyNetDiary

Appy with your weight?

What are the best apps to manage or lose weight? Emily Hughes takes a look at calorie counting, fitness and weight loss apps

The top contenders were two free apps: MyFitnessPal which is a calorie counter and fitness app and MyNetDiary which is a weight loss planning app from the NHS app library.

Both apps

  • Calculate users’ daily calorie and nutrition targets based on personal data.
  • Have a barcode reader that scans food labels via a phone camera for quick calorie and nutrition information.
  • Have food databases that hold calorie and nutritional information.
  • Allow users to add food to the database and identify items that have been verified and have not.
  • Remember frequently used foods and have the ability to create foods and meals.
  • Can log exercises from a database and connect to other activity apps and devices such as Fitbits.
  • Have online community for support and questions.


MyNet Diary

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 09.46.04Pros:

  • Offers a large food database with over 700 thousand foods.
  • Food Score feature allows users to compare different products like yoghurts or snacks to see which is the healthiest option.
  • Easy-to-use calorie counter.


  • Databases are sometimes unavailable if there is a bad internet connection.
  • Very few exercise options on database – less than 100.
  • Only gives users the option to lose or maintain weight but not to gain weight.
  • Does not allow users to alter macronutrient targets unless a yearly membership has been paid for.




  • Huge food database with over five million foods.
  • Exercise database of over 350 exercises.
  • Recipe importer feature allows users to visit any recipe on the internet, import it into the app, then using foods from the app database MyFitnessPal calculates the nutritional information for each portion and adds it to the user’s diary.
  • Allows users to set macro percentages.
  • Easy-to-use calorie counter that also has more advanced options for those who want to manage macro and micronutrients.


  • Databases are sometimes unavailable if there is a bad internet connection.


Which to use

My personal opinion is that MyNetDiary is great for people who want a straightforward app that helps them calorie count and understand the fats, carbs and proteins they are eating.

MyFitnessPal is great for people who want to be healthy, manage their nutrition as well as conscientiously lose weight, maintain their weight or increase muscle mass.


MyFitnessPal:   Click Here for Android       Click Here for Apple

MyNetDiary:     Click Here for Android       Click Here for Apple



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