Diagnosis data: Getting the IP right on healthcare apps

Thomas Prock, Partner at Marks & Clerk discusses how health app developers can navigate the world of patents to protect their intellectual property. Apple’s recent announcement that it will be opening its Health Records application programming interface (API) will be big news for healthcare app developers in the US. The data covers patients at more than…


To fax, or not to fax? The technology row enveloping the NHS

In the debate surrounding the NHS’s outmoded telecommunication methods, it seems that the majority of individuals support giving the boot to the service’s fax machines – all 8,209 of them – than preserving them for posterity’s sake. Speaking to the National Health Executive, Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert denounced ‘paper-based systems’ as ‘unwieldy and difficult…


The key digital healthcare trends to watch

Over the last decade the NHS has been at the forefront of digital transformation and as such patients are changing the way they are choosing to access the service.  Patients now have access to a library of information through the NHS Web Portal, including the availability of health records online, as well as mobile apps…

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