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Time to put AI at the heart of the NHS

Geoff Twist, managing director for Roche Diagnostics UK and Ireland, writes about the value of AI for clinical diagnostics. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help healthcare professionals transform the NHS. Not only will it improve care for patients and lead to increased cost savings, it can also enhance the speed and accuracy of diagnosis for long-term…


How to ensure funding for healthtech in the NHS

Shane Tickell, CEO, IMS MAXIMS, writes about innovative ways to ensure funding for healthtech in the NHS. New prime minister Boris Johnson has generated headlines in recent weeks by promising a relatively small investment in 20 hospitals. He’d be better investing the same kind of money in healthcare technology. Recently, the Sunday papers and politics…


Digital healthcare provider announces additional NHS partnerships

LIVI, the UK division of digital healthcare provider, KRY, has announced additional major NHS partnerships in the UK, enabling access to app-based video GP consultations for more than 1.85 million patients. New partnerships will enable local GPs to also work on the platform, helping to treat patients in their area, digitally. The service is being extended to…


All in one place: How to centralise, and ease, hospital communications

Web content editor Ian Bolland caught up with Philip Pate, director of Everbridge EMEA, which provides critical communications to various organisations worldwide, including healthcare organisations. They discuss how its framework can work in the health service and how it differs from other communication formats.  Providing governance as well as offering the instant messaging that pagers…

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