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Diagnostic tests could save NHS nearly £7bn

The NHS could save almost £7bn in five years if it adopts new diagnostic tests as they come onto the market, new research shows. A new report commissioned by Innovate UK and the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA) shows that a small of number of hospitals are using in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) which could…


NHS should embrace automation to save £12bn a year

The NHS could save up to £12.5 billion a year by investing in digital technologies to automate certain administrative tasks, a new report to be published this month will say. The report is led by former health minister Lord Darzi, a pioneer in robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery. Within the social care sector, a further £6…


How Advanced is helping the NHS go digital

By Nick Wilson, MD of Public Sector, Health & Care at Advanced. While no health system is perfect, every nation strives to drive efficiencies, free up time for patient care and save costs. The UK is no exception and the pressure on our NHS services has become a catalyst for change – one that requires…


SilverCloud Health Interview: How digital therapies are helping people with mental health problems

Digital Health Age sits down with Dr Derek Richards, director of Clinical Research & Innovation at the online mental health service, SilverCloud Health. Users of SilverCloud Health work through an eight-week course which they can complete at their own pace. Designed to help manage stress, anxiety and depression, SilverCloud Health uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to…

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